Emergency Services

tree downIf a spring storm lands a tree branch on your roof, or you need a quick cleanup for a spring wedding in your backyard, why not give DeYong’s Inc. a call for prompt, professional service!

Some other emergencies we can handle:

  • Your plowing contractor’s truck breaks down.
  • Your lawn maintenance contractor’s equipment fails.
  • A snow plow takes out your mail box, tree or whatever.
  • Your backyard pond sprung a leak and your fish are dieing.
  • Someone drove over your lawn and knocked down a retaining wall.
  • A broken underground sprinkler line is flooding your lawn.
  • As a realtor your having an open house this weekend and discovered the lawn hasn’t been mowed in a month.
  • You yourself are a landscaping/snow removal contractor and are experiencing equipment failure and need our assistance to perform your route.

The list could go forever, that’s why they call these emergencies and they’re almost never planned. If you experience a landscaping, lawn maintenance or snow removal emergency don’t hesitate to give DeYong’s Inc. a call at 262-886-2558 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment now.